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Time For Remembrance

Here at PrimeTime of Exeter, we’re creating an online archive called ‘Time For Remembrance’.

The objective is to archive as many images of timepieces belonging to all those associated with all Wars/Conflicts nationally and internationally. The timepiece may have been worn by your great-grandfather in the trenches in WW1, been worn by a Land Girl or ambulance driver, or a ‘clocking in clock’ for a munitions factory. Or maybe it’s still being worn today! Cathy has a very personal connection with this as her grandfather was a Prisoner of War alongside Ronald Searle, and they were instrumental in building the Bridge over the River Kwai. Cathy is proud to exhibit his watch on the website.

We’d like to invite you to the Time for Remembrance website to post your pictures and stories and help us grow the archive. Our aim is to compile the greatest and most diverse compilation of timepieces associated with wartime or conflict ever archived. This is a unique concept, and driven not only by Cathy’s love of horology but also in an awareness that fewer people seem inclined to ‘remember’ our heroes than used to be the case.

Please visit, where you will see many interesting stories regarding horology related to War ‘Time’.

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